16 Jul

They are all moving about and in the new 1 level hutch.

Just moved on to soften kibble as well as chicken , bacon, sausage finely chopped.

First signs of playing with ping pong ball and ice cubes.

mother is being hateful to her sister—don’t know why –Rudey seems depressed.–but we let her meet the kits yesterday and she lay with them cleaning them like they were her own!

Also Spike met them today he also cleaned them– so cute.

Love me

its so boring


29 days 1st eye open

8 Jul

This morning they are 29 days old and the first eye is open on one of the white girls.Just one eye!

Crawling fairly well in a very wobbly sort of backwards way.

Changed box for plastic one –easier to clean –loads of poops.

28 days -so hungry

6 Jul

“So cute”

Well we are now feeding them twice a day –Mum happy about this -she is more relaxed when they are out with us.

So hungry — minced chicken at moment– but appear to eat anything that’s put near them — very sharp teeth!!

Now I can see 3 boys not 2 as previous.

No sign of eyes opening yet — have read after 32 days.

24 days Weaning

2 Jul

Just been hand fed

Well I started just a little bit of thick chicken soup on my fingers till I discovered teeth!! So then we had a sauce and held them with mom just for 2 or 3 licks–they loved it.

Although now Spike appears to think mother is ready to mate again — dragging her around into love nest!! Have to keep separating them.She has no outward signs of being in season though.

Rudey in good mood.

“No more photos please!”

2 hobs 5 jills Day 22

30 Jun

We got each one out today 2 boys and 5 little girls.All same size.

Thinking about weaning  or should I wait for eyes to open?

Day 20-First outing

28 Jun

We got mum out with a grey kit for about 2 mins until she tried to grab it from us.Then once back in cage she had to give a an extra good washing!!Then we thought she was grabbing it to harm it —guilt welling up in us but she was just pulling it further under the covers to hide it.Then she gave my a husband a quick love bite!

Day 19

27 Jun

Well yesterday a chap came and gave me a hutch in exchange for 2 kits –not yet in 3 or 4 weeks.So now I have homes for 3 of them.

” go on just put your hand in here”[if you dare}

They are still 4 grey and 3 white– well he hadn’t seen grey ones either but I assume they are going to change colour??

Rudey is bouncing about –coming out of season again so I assume Spike did his duty [very quickly].

So funny earlier Spike was eating chicken soup and I stepped over him to sit down and the other side of his face was just covered in it obviously after a scuffle but no camera.